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So I just got a phone call from a gentleman from “Microsoft” saying my computer has a virus. I said “what? what computer?” and he claimed my Windows laptop (I don’t have a Windows laptop) was “showing them” to have “virus activity”. When I said “this sounds like a scam” he hung up.

After looking…

Julia encautilada and her “red” so she can catch every “mariposa” she finds


we are the last generation whose baby photos weren’t taken on phones

Do you feel better now?

What is your opinion on koalas?


i think they make koala-ty cuddlers



If I bought a digital copy of the game through the e-shop, could I still have a separate town, even if I have a physical copy that’s presumably attached to my 3DS?


This is a bunch of bullshit because I spent $6 on this app what the hell

What I thought my mayor looked liked vs what her actual hair color is my bad

sender’s remorse